A SHEIN Haul // Booties Edition



Hello blog! It’s been a miiinnuuuteeee and the blog has definitely fallen to the back burner with me getting a new job. A new job brings new (and more) responsibilities and unfortunately, less time for the blog. My energy level has decreased and motivation slightly dwindled, well…I guess it’s fair to say more than just “slightly” dwindled, it most definitely HAS deteriorated.  

I’m not one to live through my horoscope but I did happen to spot InStyle Magazine’s horoscope post on Insta and couldn’t help myself but check it out. It was surprisingly accurate and depicted exactly where I am in life! September is going to test my patience when it comes to my new work and will eventually burn me out if I don’t take time for myself. This I can fully see happening, thanks InStyle. I think bringing the energy back to the blog would not only ensure I get some time for myself but get me back to exploring my creativity and working with one of my favorite passions: clothes.

\\ What does your September horoscope have in store for you?

Today, I wanted to share some new heels I bought from SheIn, keep reading!



I was super excited when I found these booties on SHEIN. I’ve been shopping on SHEIN for years now but haven’t had the courage to make a shoe purchase…until now! And I am happy I did, these booties are worth it!

I’ve had these fishnet tights for the longest time but haven’t styled them into an outfit. (And yes, I’ve kept them for years, following me from Guam to Washington.) Aiming for a less grunge and more girly vibe plus comfort, I’ve taken the tights, a plaid skirt and a red sweatshirt that’s been featured on the blog here to complete this first look.


You can style these booties with SO MANY different outfits: skirts, bodycon dresses, joggers, black jeans (for a nice sleek elongated look)…oh the options are endless. I had this look playing around in my head for days and it just so happened to work out. (Don’t you hate when you have a vision of a look and when put together, it just screams ALL KINDS OF WRONG? Lol. Yeah, that happens.) While these booties aren’t the most comfortable (what heel is, though?) I added my ultimate secret weapon (will elaborate on this on a later blog post) and I am fully satisfied with this purchase! I am a size 8 when it comes to boots and the size 8 fit perfectly! I recommend if you’re looking for a sleek looking bootie, hit up SHEIN and check these booties out!




I will admit I added quite a few pairs of shoes to my shopping cart before deciding to make these brown booties my second shoe purchase. While I believe black booties should be a staple in any female’s wardrobe I’d recommend another go-to bootie whether it be a snakeskin print, a bright color, or a different material like patent or suede. These tan booties have an accent to them with two straps that wrap around the bootie and form a bow on each shoe. The beauty is you can tie your bow any way you like: on the back, on the side, in the front, take your pick!


I pulled out my green cargo pants and a white bell sleeve top to pair with this newest purchase: brown booties. You’ll see a common theme in both booties I purchased and that’s my love for a pointed toe and some added height! With this brown I thought green would look flattering and form an entire look around more earthy tones. I think these booties would look great with shorts as well. Personally, I think booties are great year-round but with summer ending soon these would be a great addition to your fall looks.


Which bootie is your favorite? Leave your answers in the comments below!

And if you have some great content on your blog, leave the links below! I need to catch up on my reading! Have a great weekend everyone!

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