End Of Summer Goals '19


1.       READ A BOOK – Last month I was browsing through Barnes and Noble and stopped at a hot pink hardcover with the word DICK across the cover (okay, it really read D*©K). I couldn’t help but pick it up: The Good Girl’s Guide to Being \Nicer, Calmer, More Patient,\ A Dick by Alexandra Reinwarth. I’m a huge fan of self-help books. I find enjoyment in reading another person’s self-reflection and advice that they’ve gathered through their hardships. Despite the intrigue, I walked out of the store without it. One month later and the hot pink cover was still in my head. I finally decided to make the purchase and have made it a goal to finish it before the summer ends (good thing the book is so thin!)!

2. TAKE AN AFTERNOON/EVENING TO MYSELF EVERY WEEK– I’ve started a new job as a supervisor and it’s been quite a challenge. Two months ago, I would have bragged about my ability to multi-task and the exceptional organizational skills I possessed. **two thumbs up for me**

And what would I say now? My multi-tasking skills are crap, organizational skills? What organizational skills?! This job is challenging and quite stressful, draining, aggravating, … I just made it sound like a horrible job huh? Lol. It has its lessons. I do enjoy part of my job, it’s just that I’m still learning to manage everything. I’m making it a point to make time for myself (and destress) during the week where I don’t think about work and do things that make me happy i.e. watch a romcom, binge watch Sex and the City, take a drive, window shop (hell LITERALLY SHOP). Making myself a priority and setting time for “me” every week is a very big goal.

3.       GO SOMEWHERE I’VE NEVER BEEN – To be completely honest, ADVENTUROUS is not the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks, “How would you describe yourself?” I haven’t scratched the surface of all the things there are to explore in the state of Washington, and I would like to change that. You won’t see me with a sleeping bag on my Instagram story any time soon, but I would like to explore some of the farther hiking trails and the San Juan Islands. Let’s see what new places are in my future.. *opens Pinterest*

4.       START ON THE GALLERY WALL – I’ve been wanting to do a gallery wall since the day we moved into our apartment (okay, maybe the “week of”). I’M FINALLY GOING TO DO IT. There’s so much inspiration out there and Desenio has some SICK stuff that I can see in my apartment. So cheers to eliminating the “I’ve been wanting to..” and executing the “I have done..”!

Summer has come and will be gone in just a few weeks. What goals have you set before the leaves start to fall?


\\ Des