Floral With A Side Of Donut Holes

Happy Friday! I feel like this week went by rather quickly. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, right? Plus, it’s Cinco De Mayo weekend and as an avid margarita fan, I will say THIS IS MY TYPE OF HOLIDAY! Lol. What are your plans for the weekend? Do you celebrate Cinco De Mayo with more margaritas than recommended? (because #guilty)

I’ve been wanting to shed some light on a coffee stand in my area, Urban City Brew Co. Drive thru coffee stands have become all the rage! You can’t drive 10 minutes without coming across one in my area. But I am all about the coffee and convenience of these stands, so I say kudos to you business owners! Keeping up with demand and adapting to consumers’ needs/preferences, that’s one way to secure a check.

I remember trying Urban City last year when I first moved to the area. Their caramel frappuccino was good and I thought their advertising was intriguing. Bitchin’ coffee, anyone?


Throwback to June 2018


Since then, it’s been on my list to do a blog post sharing my thoughts with you! I broke it down to five categories: price, variety, convenience, presentation, service and of course taste.


I think their prices are pretty much standard. Unfortunately, your girl messed up and forgot to get her receipt. For what we ordered, it came out to $16.00, not bad?


I think Urban City covers the basics. They have coffee, teas, breakfast sandwiches, and acai bowls. I’ve been known to pretty much order the same thing and be a happy camper so variety isn’t too big of a concern for me.



Every time I’ve come here, the baristas have always been sweet and very kind. Love an establishment with consistent service!


While presentation was nothing to write home about, I think they scored points for taste. I decided to order the first special listed: White Gold Mocha. It was good and had a bit of a peanut butter taste to it, similar to a Nutter Butter. I found it to be delicious!

The fiancé went with the second special they had which was the Fuzzy Naval Spritzer in peach. It was a LOAD of redbull and a hint of peach syrup (too much redbull for his taste, I guess).



How much more convenient can you get than a drive thru? Although I will say, they are located off to the side of the road and you’re pretty much driving on gravel. The menu is in front of the stand and when you drive up to the first window they have a board with their specials listed along with the baristas names. After paying for your order, you’ll drive around their stand to the last window and pick up your order. Pretty convenient if you ask me!


Let’s be real, it doesn’t exhibit the layers that a Starbucks drink does but we can’t expect Starbucks drinks every time right? Lol. During this visit, I noticed their cups don’t have their company sticker on them anymore, which to be honest was a little less pleasing for me. Half of the fun (aside from enjoying a yummy drink) is taking a picture of it, AM I RIGHT?


We also ordered some things to nibble on. With the recommendation from the barista, I got glazed donut holes. We’ve ordered donut holes from a spot at the mall but they were rather dry, so I didn’t set any expectations for these. But turns out they were DELICIOUS! The fiance went with a banana nut muffin top. It pretty much tasted like banana bread but resembled the look of a cookie LOL. I will say I was pleased with the snack choices!

We went ahead and parked the car and walked up to the stand, which the barista had no problem with. They have a little table at the back of the stand, probably for their employees but I couldn’t help but take advantage for a photo op 😉. We’re chilling at home for the night but it was definitely a good afternoon sipping on some white gold mocha and devouring donut holes.

What is your go-to place for coffee?!

xx, Des