If I Were Given $10,000, Where Would I Go?

Hello lovely bloggers! Hope everyone is enjoying Spring! I think every blogger deserves a break, heck EVERYONE deserves a break from their routine. It’s what keeps the motivation and creativity flowing (don’t ya think!?)  I’ll admit I’ve been slacking on the blog front for the past few weeks but, I’m back 😉.


Taking a trip is a great way to get away from your day to day and reset. Whether it’s spending the weekend in the next town or taking your dream trip to a culture you’ve admired from afar – vacations are a must. Now, it wouldn’t be a vacation without some money spent, am I right? While the rich and famous have no problem forking out thousands of dollars on a trip, the rest of us have to save throughout the year (sometimes years) to be able to afford our dream trip. 

If you were given 10,000 GREEN GREEN dollars, where would you go?

Four places come to mind for me!



This architectural, culture infused island has been a dream of mine for nearly 15 years. And yes, my interest in the location peaked thanks to the premier of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (am I the only one?). Lena’s summer adventure to Greece had me hooked! It looks like such a peaceful, beautiful place to be. Granted, it is most likely crawling with tourists but I feel that the breathtaking views will still serve its purpose, and you will be experiencing it with hundreds of other people at the same time!


This was a new location that sparked my interest. Before my 27th birthday I began doing research on places I could travel to by myself. It would have been my first time traveling alone so I wanted to pick a place that was safe but would still offer out-of-this world experiences. Singapore caught my eye with the architecture (I have a thing for beautiful buildings, as you will soon realize at the end of this post) and interesting sights like the Gardens by the Bay, Merlion and numerous street markets!



Who wouldn’t want to visit such a place?! Being surrounded my endless views of turquoise water and sleeping in bungalows above such water… doesn’t that sound like a dream?! Granted, I do come from an island and I will say Guam’s beaches are amazing, but the pictures and videos of Bora Bora are just plain BREATHTAKING!! Wouldn’t it be the life to be living in swimsuits and cover-ups and have the ocean right outside your door, waiting for you to jump in whenever you please?

Bora Bora.jpg


Dubai, another country with amazing skyscrapers and a culture to be explored, has made it on my list. I have a friend who currently lives in Dubai and the pictures she posts…let’s just say there is never an unpleasant thing to look at. It is on the bucket list for sure!

If you were given $10,000 to splurge on a trip, where would you be heading? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Until next time dolls!!

xx, Des