4 Unappealing Things About Adulting

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the blog or if this is your first time being here, WELCOME! So, I was in my feelings the other day and started thinking about all the things we have to deal with as adults and how much easier my life was as a teenager. Now, would I prefer to be a teenager instead of an adult? No, no I wouldn’t. While there are unappealing aspects of being an adult I enjoy my freedom far more than being a carefree teen.

Keep reading to find out what I find unappealing about being an adult:


1.    Taxes – Welcome to being an Adult! Now, you have to set time aside every year to ensure you have your taxes filed and everything between you and the government is straight. Set a reminder in your phone every beginning of the year…actually you don’t have to… the amount of Turbo Tax or H&R Block ads that come on during tax season are enough reminders.

2.    Bills – Another financial crowning to becoming an adult. You no longer get a free ride from your parents. The worry begins to set in about rent, student loans, power, water, your cell phone bill (because God forbid we go a day without our phones. Am I right?) In order to enjoy these things we hold dear/need to function as this so called ‘Adult’…we have to pay bills.

When will I win the lottery?!

(but of course, I’ll have to pay taxes on that as well so…..)

3.    Being the bigger person – I’m sure you’ve heard your parents pull the ‘apologize, you have to be the bigger person’ schpeal when you were a young buck. When an argument ensues or when you end up fighting with your best friend over the cute boy at recess, “be the bigger person” constantly rings in your ear but you hold your ground and figure, “What do my parents know!”

Well now that you’re an adult…you have no choice but to be THAT bigger person. At this point you’ve gone through a third of your life sweating ALL the small stuff and hopefully, have realized fights can be strenuous and unnecessary. I think you have the realization that you’re truly an adult when that snarky comment about your outfit or how ugly your laugh is rolls off your back. While the digs may bother you, you take the high road. Hello, bigger person! You brush it off because come on…you have more serious things to worry about like your job and being able to pay your bills on time.

4.    Punishments - You get into far worse trouble than just a “grounding” or “talking to” when you’re an adult– Oh gosh how I wish you can solve a fender bender/DUI (not saying you should be doing either!) with just a “talking to.” As an adult there are far more critical punishments like going to jail, paying fines (another way to waste your money), or getting fired from your job (being faced with the inability to pay your bills). On the other hand, punishments do sort of keep things in line in this society (SOMEWHAT).

While I’m sure there are MORE unappealing things about adulting, I’ve just narrowed my list down to four. What are some things YOU find frustrating about adulting? Leave them in the comments below! I’d love to read through them!

xx, Des

p.s. thanks for reading me rant.