My January Favorites

And here it is. It has arrived – the time for bloggers to expose their favorites to the community. Scroll down to peek at some holy grail products and some new things I’ve tried and loved.



This rose water can be used multiple ways! You can spritz a pump or 2 over your day or night creams, spray it on your dry hair (which I’ve never done but am very curious to see if it does anything), or you can use it as a setting spray after your glam – my favorite way to use this spray! It leaves a dewy finish and knocks some hydration back to your face.

This product has been a holy grail product for some time now. I buy the 4.0 oz. bottle for $7.00 and it lasts me a couple months – CAN YOU SAY STEAL?!

If you’re not a fan of rose water they do have 2 other combinations: aloe, cucumber, and green tea or aloe, chamomile, and lavender. If any of these interest you, hit up Ulta to grab yourself a bottle!



This CC cream has become a fast favorite of mine. I’ve been toying around with the idea of purchasing the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and finally bit the bullet and purchased it at the end of December. I’ve been a religious user of Missha’s BB Cream but with my relocation I can’t find it in stores near me.

I use medium tan and have been really loving how the cream lays on my face. It’s easy to blend and of course, I use the Mario Badescu facial spray over it.

Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara


Mascara has always been a tricky product for me. Call me cheap but I will never forgive myself if I get into the habit of purchasing $13.00 mascara on a consistent basis. This one was on sale at Walgreens for under $8.00 and let me tell you, it definitely lengthens what itty bitty lashes I do have.


SIDE NOTE: Isn’t it crazy how men have such gorgeous lashes? I tell my fiancé I’m jealous of his lashes every day, he’s been blessed with long and full lashes.

Unfold - Create Stories


So, let’s drop the makeup talk and dive into apps. I’ve been wanting to step up my game in the Insta story department.

Ladies, I introduce you to Unfold! (Unless you’re already an avid user, in that case, KUDOS! 😊) Of my 29 years this is the first app that has managed to squeeze money out of me. I normally would not spend a dime on additional features for apps (yes, I am cheap as I’ve said earlier) but I really wanted to use the different categories in this app.

I love how I can really be creative with and use more than 1 picture per slide, different settings, and colors. I definitely recommend checking out this app and seeing if it’s something you would like!


Bath and Body Works Red Velvet cupcake 3-Wick Candle


Let me just start with: I. LOVE. CANDLES.

What better place to buy candles than Bath and Body Works?! They were having a sale on their 3-wick candles and this candle immediately caught my eye. I AM OBSESSED WITH RED VELVET. You know how they ask if you could only eat one thing every day, what would you pick? Uh, red velvet FOR SURE!

The candle was by itself on the middle shelf and I decided to take a lap around the store to see if they had more but unfortunately this was the last one. I was so lucky! This candle smells like delicious red velvet cake and I’m so sad that it’s almost done. Even just opening the lid you get a good whiff of the scent. What are some of your favorite scents?!

Herbal Essences Volumizing Hairspray


This is another holy grail product! Who doesn’t want Victoria Secret voluminous waves? This hairspray holds my curls and keeps the volume. This is the second appearance for this hairspray on my blog. You can check out a post I did here where I rave about all the products I use on my hair.

This hairspray deserved an encore because I gave the Herbal Essences Beautiful Bold Hairspray a try and I can honestly say that the volumizing spray is so much better! I love this thing. By the way, can we just check out the size of this can? It is the size of my calf! I found this one at Walmart and was so psyched on the size that I HAD to buy it. The regular can of hairspray holds 8 oz. while this monster can holds 17 oz. This thing will last me twice as long, maybe three times and I can barely fit my hands around it LOL. It is inexpensive and does the job!

There you have it, my January favorites. Hope you enjoyed reading and maybe found some new things to try. Leave what you’ve been loving (or a link to your January favorites) in the comments below! I’d love to check them out!

See you next week dolls! Going to throw on a jacket and take a walk through the snow!

xx, Des