My Best Kept Secret To Comfortable Heels

There are so many different versions of high heels: the wedge, the stiletto, the sophisticated Mary Jane, the spool, the Cuban, and we can’t forget the trending flatform and kitten heel. There is a high heel for any look you can put together. Heels are the perfect accessory to elongate the body and add more personality to a completed look.

But let’s be honest, there are a lot of bad things that can be associated with constantly wearing high heels: lower back pain, foot pains, hyperextension in your toes, protruding veins, or an awkward spinal curve. (Why do we put ourselves through this?)

The biggest complaint about heels aren’t that they are too cute, or that we can’t find a style we love, it’s not that they’re too expensive (while, sometimes they can be!), but it’s that they are uncomfortable. Sure, the shorter the heel, the more comfortable. The thicker the heel, the more comfortable. But let’s face it, sometimes a stiletto looks better than a wedge. It is clearly uncomfortable to walk on something as thin as a pencil no matter how cute it makes your outfit look.

Let’s get into 4 tips to help you strut comfortably in a sick pair of heels!

4. Never pick a NEW pair of heels for a long night of dancing.

The worst thing you can do to your gorgeous feet are stick them in a new pair of heels for a full night of partying. Break in your new pair of heels by throwing them on for a shorter event. For example, a dinner or brunch where you’ll do some walking but won’t stay on your feet for the entire night. You don’t want to start a 5 hour night out with your feet hurting 15 minutes in… not cute.

3. Bring a pair of slippers/flats with you.

I would walk out the door wearing slippers with a pair of heels in my hand (if they’re not already in my car.) I usually like to throw on my heels right before I exit the car when I’m at my final destination. My feet spend less time being uncomfortable during the drive, which equates to less time being uncomfortable for the night. Plus, after your night out and you jump into your car, you can switch out your shoes to your slippers for the drive back home. #comfort

2. Opt for a chunky or platform heel.

The general take is that heels are not comfortable. But there are heels that can be MORE comfortable than others. For example, go for a chunky heel or a set of platforms. They may look intimidating with the height, but they are easier to walk in!

People have always asked me how I wear heels or how I last in them so long. I’ve shared my secret with co-workers once but I am here to share with you all. And I will say, it has changed my LIFE and my HEEL GAME. What’s my number one secret to a comfortable heel?


1. Gel cushions for the ball of your feet.

Yes! I am sure you’ve seen them at every shoe store near the check out stands. They sell them practically everywhere these days ranging anywhere from $5.49 - $7.99. I bought my most recent pair at Walgreens. Each package comes with a pair and provides shock absorption, long-lasting comfort, and relief of foot pain. It is one size fits all, so you don’t even have to worry about that. It has an adhesive on one side that sticks to the inside of your shoe so there is a guarantee that it won’t be moving while you’re wearing them. I put these things on EVERY single high heel - whether they are booties or a strappy sandal. They work wonders for any type of shoe.


The next time you spot these when you’re checking out, grab one. You won’t regret it 😊

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