My Fiancé Styles Me - Thrift Edition

Hello ladies! Welcome back to It’s Better In Heels. Today’s post is a styling one – my fiancé styles me, thrift edition! I’ve been wanting to do a fiancé styles me segment for a while now but decided to wait until 2019 to kick it off. 2019…is anyone else still writing an 8 after 2 0 1?

My fiancé and I decided to hit up Goodwill for this thrift edition.


·         Budget (before taxes) $25.00

·         Two outfits (excluding outerwear + shoes)

·         Rate the look from 1-10

Between the two of us… it’s fair to say that I’m the more stylish one. While I suggest things for him to wear/buy, I’ve rarely needed his opinion for my wardrobe (except when I asked if I could take the entire closet in our apartment LOL). I was interested to see how he would handle this challenge and how well he would do with styling!


As I kept my distance, but well within view, I found myself cringing at certain things he picked up. I tried to be open minded and support him with the “that’s cute” or the “would wear that” coaching. After a little close to an hour in the store, he was confident in his picks and it was time to check out.

There was a slight oversight when we picked out the pair of jeans that resulted in surpassing our budget by $0.98. I was already at the register with a line behind me so there was no turning back. Not to mention I was starving by that point.. (mental note: eat before we do another edition of ‘Fiance Styles Me’).



· Difficult with how the store was organized

· Things he liked were over budget


·         Gray short sleeved tunic $5.99

·         Blue jeans $12.99

·         Black cardigan $4.00

·         White top with heart detail $3.00

Styled By Him - LOOK #1 HAPPY


This was a casual look that he chose to pair with my black faux fur jacket from H&M and my Nike wedges.


Personally, I wouldn’t have picked this top but the heart does serve as an interesting detail, almost metal-like. The jeans - I am a fan of. They’re quite comfortable.




For the second look he picked out this gray knit tunic with a black cardigan. He opted for tights found in my closet and my thigh high boots from

My Thoughts:

I’ll admit he did well with this look! I would absolutely wear this out. I think the cardigan is something I will get great use out of.


What do you think? How did the fiancé do and which look is your favorite? Or if you have a store in mind that would be fun for this segment, I’d love to hear it. Leave your thoughts in the comments below! I hope everyone’s 2019 has started out eventful! I am loving every minute of it. Until next time dolls!

xx, Des