2019 Goals For My Blog

HELLO 2019! It’s a new year everyone and I have to say… I’m pretty damn excited! Now I’ve never been one for new years resolutions in the past but with this blog I’m motivated to make changes and improve the quality of this space known as IT’S BETTER IN HEELS 😊. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 goals that I want to accomplish by the end of the year:



Photography is such a capturing field. I love looking at photos which probably explains why Instagram is my favorite social media platform. One of my goals is to improve the quality and creativity of my photos. I not only want to take the typical OOTD but I really want to explore different backgrounds and angles. I’ve also been thinking about purchasing presets but because they’re so darn expensive I’ve taken my time to really see what’s out there. Do you use presets? What are your favorites? I’ve been interested in Aspyn Ovard’s presets + love the theme she has on her IG!


When I first started this journey, I was all about commenting back for the sake of commenting back… I’ve now learned to form real connections, leave genuine comments and really be in the moment of another bloggers writing.

Since I joined this blogging community, I’ve found that bloggers are extremely creative/supportive people! I’ve made friends, who sure I haven’t met in person yet, but feel a connection with. I want to become more personable on my blog and connect with you, as readers/fellow bloggers, on a deeper level. I’m working on forming a series where I talk about issues/hardships in my life. This is very different from the content I’ve created but I think it will peel away another layer to my blog and let you in on who Des really is, behind the blog 😊.


When I started my blog, I wanted it to be surrounded by style/fashion. But as I started creating more and more content, I wrote more lifestyle topics. While I’ve enjoyed sharing my current favorite playlist (I had a lot of fun with My Winter Playlist), and giving my thoughts on new products I’ve tried, I definitely want to do more posts on clothing pieces and styling in 2019. I love clothes and putting different pieces together to create a bombass look! I’d like my blog to be 60-70% styling.

Considering that I’ve never made new year’s resolutions, I’m interested to see how this will go. Will I achieve the goals I’ve made? We shall see!

Have you made resolutions/goals for 2019? What are they? + what kind of posts do you like reading on blogs? 😊

Until next week dolls!