What I Wore In January

Hey dolls! I know I’ve been saying this so much on the blog but since creating this space it really puts into perspective how fast time (LIFE) flies by. Just a month ago I was celebrating the new year and freaking out about how 2018 flew by, and now…the first month of the year is gone!

What better post to kick off February (#birthdaymonth btw!) than to give you all a little flashback of some looks I was sporting during the first month of the year! Cultivating this post has me realizing that my style has a bit of a variation… take a look:


This is a look I sported early on in the month and while it’s the typical – jeans and a t-shirt, I threw on this big buckle belt and my black booties. With it being 40° in Washington, I needed a jacket (a year later and I’m still trying to get used to this cold weather, pray for me y’all). This purple long line jacket has become a FAST favorite of mine! It’s so stylish and despite it being purple, it does nothing but ADD to a look.


We spent a day in Tacoma and I decided to go for a dress and some comfortable shoes since we planned to do some walking. I also wanted to wear something over the dress and with a glance in my closet, this green cardigan screamed “YES” to me…

And voila! A monochromatic look!


Does anyone like watching first showings of the day at movie theaters? This was my “Oh we’re watching the 10:30am showing of The Upside” look, LOL. I had planned to wear this shirt with some cycling shorts that I just purchased from SheIn. I thought the otk boots would complete the movie morning ensemble. Despite the oversized shirt I was definitely feeling myself in this get up! I don’t know what it is but oversized sweatshirts or tops have me feeling super confident. Weird? (Possibly, LOL).


SIDE NOTE: If you want to keep up with more of my outfits follow me on Insta and check out my OOTD FILM highlight story 😊


Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to bother getting dressed for work? Well, this was one of those days. For one, you can’t go wrong with a black pair of jeans and these booties are pretty much my go-to work shoe. For my top, I decided to just run with a gray v-neck long sleeve. Talk about SUPER CASUAL. But hey, it was one of those days I just didn’t want to be bothered. I threw on my denim jacket before I walked out the door. I will say… I loved everything about this simple look.


While everyone loves a good day out looking ‘on point’, we still love being cozy (am I right, ladies?!) I was going to show you a dress I strutted around in on a Friday afternoon but then…the indecisiveness kicked in and another look popped in my head: a strong favorite too for the month of January!

What is it? My ‘lounge around the house’ fit. These furry slippers were a gift from my fiancé for Christmas and of course they had to make their debut on the blog and Insta! I pulled out my black leggings and a gray Calvin Klein shirt that I cropped to lounge around in. The white furry slippers were the ultimate topper for this look! 😊


How do you feel about posts like this where bloggers share their favorite looks that they’ve worn? I’d love to know your thoughts! And let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below 😉


Until next week dolls!

xx, Des

p.s. I’ll be sharing my January favorites next week! Don’t forget to come back and check them out!