Blogs To Read In 2019


Hello! Today I’ll be sharing the top 5 blogs I’ll be religiously reading for 2019. Keep reading to get the scoop!



JustNatonya – As I was new to the blogging community, I came across Natonya’s blog: JUSTNATONYA. I remember immediately after I had read one of her posts, I bookmarked her page. I enjoyed her writing style and the topics she chose to write about: body positivity, fashion, tips on how to become better – from confidence to writing abilities. Now, these are topics that almost every, (if not every) blogger has written about but she definitely puts her own twist on things and I find her opinions refreshing! When you read her posts it feels like your girlfriend’s sitting on your couch and y’all are dishing over margaritas. AND THAT’S WHAT I LOVE! I love when you’re able to read blogs that make you feel like you’re reading texts from your friend, but reality is… you’re reading words from someone you have never met in person (sounds creepy when I put it that way, doesn’t it? Haha. It is 2019.)

But anyway, if you browse through the content she has created, it is well rounded. Any blogger would find something interesting to read on her blog. Also, the template of her blog is pretty unique and that just has me giving her ALL THE CREATIVE POINTS. Lol. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Natonya a bit through our comments and Insta and she is as awesome as she is on her blog. I can’t wait to see what she does in 2019!

TheDanielOriginals – While this blogging community is predominately female, you can find male bloggers sprinkled among us. I recently came across Daniel’s blog and found him to be so stylish and to be honest, I get this authentic vibe from his content. I am a huge fan of his ‘fits and after reading this post  I became intrigued and interested to see what other looks he would sport this new year. **bookmark added** 😉

BrunchatAudreys – BrunchatAudreys was a blog I came across early on in my blogging journey. I thought the name of her blog was such a good name! Clever and cute. 3 days in Seattle // summer break 2017 was one of the first posts I read by Audrey. Granted, I was reading a 2017 post in 2018, but I was curious with my new move to Washington what her adventure was like in Seattle and if she had any recommendations of places I hadn’t checked out. Good thing I did!  Thanks to her post I’m checking out a hotel she had stayed at and I’m pretty excited about it!

Blogging can be tricky in my opinion. I’m the type of person who likes to form real connections and I believe that can be done through a computer screen (don’t get me wrong this can be extremely dangerous too!) Through this blogging experience I’ve found that a lot of bloggers comment on a post for the sake of commenting on a post without any sincerity in their responses. Audrey was one of the first bloggers that responded to my comment with more than 1 sentence. It was surprising to me and honestly, felt pretty cool that she took the time to actually engage in conversation. (Let’s engage, everyone!) I enjoy reading about her adventures in different cities and her “Lately” posts that updates her readers on the on-goings in her life.


FashionRadi – During the 30 minutes I set aside to browse blogs and reply to comments, I’ve found that I always end up typing in FashionRadi to check up on the latest looks she’s been sporting. I find her to be eclectic and her style has no boundaries. It’s easy to catch inspiration from her looks. While I wish I was more bold with my fashion choices (I’m working on it…check back at the end of the year lol) I’ve enjoyed seeing Radi’s looks from leopard print leggings to seeing her effortlessly throw on berets and make them an easy every day look. Fully excited to see what looks she puts together for 2019!

TheHonestPeach – I came across TheHonestPeach this month on Insta. Her captions had me hooked! You know that ‘just talking to my girl’ feel that I enjoy in blogs? That’s the vibe I got from her Insta captions so obvi I clicked on her blog. Her blog revolves around wellness and really being the best “you” you can be. She talks about the importance of patience and the realness of therapy. While this really isn’t my taste in blogs/what I like to read, she’s not just telling me tips of what I SHOULD be doing but there’s a bit of sass and REALNESS to her posts. (How many more times can I write ‘realness’ in this paragraph? Hah!)

You can find a lot of blog posts on the internet that will be tips on “how to de-clutter your life” or “things to do to make you happier,” Alyson (writer/therapist behind TheHonestPeach) lets you know that hey, life isn’t always going to be happy-go-lucky and that’s okay. I’m surprisingly interested to read more of her 2019 content.

And there you have it! The 5 blogs I’m looking forward to keeping up with during 2019. Don’t forget to check out the links in this post and leave your favorite bloggers in the comments below!