Snakeskin Is The New Leopard Print

Hello gals! Today we’ll be talking animal print… snakeskin to be more specific. In case you haven’t noticed the latest trend all over your Insta feed or seen them in stores from, well…EVERYWHERE - snakeskin is the new leopard print. While I’m normally not one for prints when it comes to clothing pieces, I couldn’t help myself and jumped on the bandwagon not only purchasing one bodysuit, but two (if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with bodysuits, you can check out my collection here.

I am completely obsessed with this trend! You can find them on practically anything: skirts, tops, earrings, shoes, belts… Go ahead, open another tab and start browsing. I’ll wait... I let you know where I bought my new pieces below!


This dark gray (almost a blue tint) snakeskin bodysuit from SheIn! The first thing that popped in my mind were my black jeans in a lighter wash. I thought they would mesh together perfectly paired with this belt from Forever21. I’ve been wanting a belt with a big buckle for some time now and finally purchased one! I’ll admit this one is a tad bit loose on me ☹. I zipped up my chunky heeled booties, which I find goes with everything. You can find a close up of them here.


I thought this look would be perfect for date night or you know, hanging around a skate park.. 😉


This tan colored bodysuit is from Tigerfox Boutique. For this pick I wanted to go for something different than the look above. At first I was thinking a bodycon skirt, BUT, I also wanted to be realistic. With the current temperature being freezing cold, bodycon skirts haven’t been the first pick out of my closet.

My next thought? JOGGERS. I’ve been a fan of joggers for years! To the point where joggers weren’t considered “loungewear” to me. They were pants I would wear to bars, movies, chill nights with friends… It’s a fair assessment that the ‘athleisure look’ is a thing, comfort and look cute? SOLD.


Now, I will confess…I didn’t pull this pair out of my closet….  it belongs to my fiancé. Now what was that rule?



Both bodysuits are 95% polyester and 5% spandex, however, I found that the SheIn bodysuit felt softer while the Tigerfox Boutique seemed more stretchy. They both have high necklines and thumb hole sleeves that are common in athletic tops.

What do you think about the snakeskin trend? Have you added this trend to your wardrobe yet?

xx, Des