END OF SUMMER SERIES: Fall Pieces I Can't Wait To Wear

So, this could be weird to quite a few readers, but this will be my first time experiencing fall. Living on Guam pretty much meant that you will be exposed to two types of weather conditions: the exceptionally hot sun and the downpour of rain. It never gets cold enough to where you need to bundle up which holds true to the island uniform = shorts and a tee. Let’s break down all the fall clothing I can’t wait to wear for my first experience with Fall!



I have been a fan of tights and definitely sported the look on my winter trips to Japan. It’s a fantastic way to get some cover and add a little something to dresses or shorts to complete a look. I’m really excited to style patterned tights like the image below – channeling my inner Rory Gilmore, Yale years. 😉 Patterned tights with knee high boots or booties... ugh I just can’t wait!


I never liked wearing jackets on Guam because it was always hot, which contributed to me disliking layers. Now that I live in Washington, jackets are a must if I intend on NOT shivering all day. I’ve had the vision of an anorak jacket since I got to Washington. I love the laid-back style of it and feel like it can go either way on the spectrum of style – from dressed down with sneakers and leggings to a pair of heels and some jeans.


Knee high socks… this is a trend I’ve never played with before. Socks never really went past the ankles for me. Can you imagine wearing knee high socks in 90° weather?! UH UH.

I think these knee high socks would be perfect for cuddle nights on the couch with some hot chocolate and an over-sized knit sweater (or your man's button up, either will do lol.)


Can you tell I’m digging the knee high cut for this season? What gets a girl excited, you ask? CLOTHES.

Well, food too hah. Okay, I’ll be honest…I took advantage of the Labor Day weekend sale and copped myself a pair already. I’m excited to style the boots with huge sweaters, black jeans, tights, dresses, blazers...oh the options are endless!


I have spotted a few sweaters I would like to add to my collection like the one shown below. I think everyone needs a few statement sweaters for their wardrobe. I like this one because of its unique sleeves, and the gray tone will definitely make it easy to style.

Got a little bonus for ya: COATS

Last minute, I decided to add this mustard waterfall wrap coat to my list. It is the cutest thing and I can’t wait to cop one for myself! I love the style and it’s not too thick to where I would be sweating through it. Doesn’t this color just scream fall?

I love all these pieces and look forward to making quite a bit of purchases; I've linked the items in case any of you dolls might want to spend some money too! Thanks for joining me during my END OF SUMMER SERIES! I've linked the 4-week series below in case you missed it.

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