END OF SUMMER SERIES: 4 Things That Made My Summer

Hello ladies! Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking out my End of Summer Series. This blog post will be about the four things that made my summer this year! Am I the only one that feels this summer has gone by SOO quickly? Actually…this entire year seems to be flying by. So, let’s get started!



Fruit. I have been obsessed with the fruit bowl that I purchase from my grocery store. I make sure to get one every week. I love having some fruit for breakfast and they make for a great snack too! (But don’t get me wrong, I still reach for that Ben & Jerry’s when my monthly friend comes around ☹) The cold strawberries make for a refreshing snack during these sweltering summer days. Remember to try and keep that balance of fruits and vegetables!


Strappy sandals. With this heat comes the necessity for lighter clothing and sandals. There’s just something about having your toes free and not constrained by a closed toe shoe that helps cope with the summer weather. These sandals are my favorite and have made it so easy for me to slip on this summer. I wear them constantly. They are comfortable, cute, and so easy to style. I got this trendy pair from Forever21 for just under $12.00. See how I’ve styled them throughout the summer H E R E


The Bold Type. Okay, so I HAD to include this show; it has definitely made my summer. I came across The Bold Type early on in the summer, completely binge watched season 1, and had to wait patiently as season 2 trickled on to Hulu every week. This. Show. Has. Me. Hooked.  It is so relatable and covers a load of female issues like young motherhood, relationships v. careers, changing jobs, friendships, and the list goes on! Working for a magazine was a dream of mine when I was growing up and I instantly found myself relating to the charismatic, blonde bombshell Sutton Brady. Jacqueline Carlyle…inspirational. Jane Sloan’s shoe game?! ON. POINT. Ugh, there’s so much I want to talk about, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. I love this show guys, check it out on Hulu! Think of it as a younger…. Sex and the City!

To having adventures. And making mistakes. To sleeping with the wrong people and the right people. And to unleashing holy hell.
— Jane, Kat, and Sutton | The Bold Type


Exploring. Moving to Washington was a big move for me. I want to be able to enjoy every moment and explore. Not living on Guam anymore I start to think of how I didn’t take advantage of the sights or activities as much as I should have, not everyone gets to live on an island. It is also my boyfriend’s first time in Washington so exploring is just as special because we get to experience things together and make great memories. Just going down to the next city and taking a walk around downtown becomes memorable, or driving 3 hours to Pacific Beach to take part in a Hawaiian luau (it was an interesting experience.) I can't wait to continue exploring and make more memories.

Thanks for reading dolls! Let me know what made your summer in the comments below!

See you next Friday where I'll be sharing what I'm looking forward to wearing this Fall!