END OF SUMMER SERIES: Summer Cardigan - Styled 3 Ways

Hello everyone! Welcome to part 2 of my end of summer series. In part 1 I talked about all the little things that I carry in my crossbody bag. Go on and click H E R E if you missed it. This  post will be about how I styled this fine thang below (it's a rather simple cardigan so don't get your hopes up...lol). It is a lightweight, long sleeve piece that has been perfect for this summer.


These floral shorts have definitely made their presence during this summer season. It has been an easy grab during the hot days of July because of the lightweight material and floral print, you can never go wrong with florals during summer, am I right ladies?! It also has straps that form a bow around the waist, adding a touch of style. I’ve paired these shorts with a black backless bodysuit and some strappy sandals. Throwing on this summer cardigan gives me some cover without having to sweat from the extensive heat.


I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet.
— Carrie Bradshaw

While summer time = shorts, I did reach for the occasional pair of light washed denim jeans for those frequent movie dates, my boyfriend and I love watching movies; we watch 2 movies a month at the very least! For this look, I’ve paired these high-waisted jeans with a black floral (yet another floral appearance, don't shoot me) cropped top. Throwing on the cardigan, in addition to the jeans, keeps me warm during the movie despite wearing a sleeveless top.


For this last look I decided to go with this olive-green midi skirt paired with a nude bodysuit. Can you tell I have a love for bodysuits yet? I’ll be sure to do a blog post soon on the collection I’ve grown. 😊 The colors, while muted, seem to make me very happy. I’ve paired this look with black shoes for a more casual feel. But of course, throwing on some heels could up this look for a day at the office.


What has been your staple piece this summer season? I’d love to know in the comments below! Have a great weekend ladies and don’t forget to do something fun! 😊

xx, Des

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