the summer season june 21st - september 22 '18

We probably don’t want it to end but eventually everything does, right? To kick off this end of summer series I’ll be exposing the goodies that have found home to the dark purple H&M bag that I’ve been throwing over my shoulder for the last 7 months. Let’s get into it!


·         Keys - the Welcome Home keychain was given to us by the leasing office when we first got our apartment. It's our first apartment together so it's extremely sentimental 😊

·         Michael Kors wallet

·         2 dimes…LOL

·         Nyx Lingerie in Seduction

·         Nyx Lingerie in Ruffle Trim

·         2 ticket stubs – It took me a while to figure out where these were from; I had to ask the boyfriend to be sure. Turns out, they were from when we went to this arcade after a fun night of bowling…MONTHS AGO!

·         TJ McHugh’s receiptI’m actually surprised I don’t have more receipts in my bag. This was from our night in Seattle when we went to watch the Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour in June, which was completely hilarious btw! We grabbed an appetizer and some drinks at TJ McHugh's.

·         Hand sanitizer – Great thing to have in any bag!

·         Visine

·         ChapStick – Strawberry, of course.

·         Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar mini menú – I thought this was such a clever idea. Being so compact, it entices the whole “grab and go” at the host’s counter.

·         Ice Breaker mints

·         Trash… - I debated if I should include this, but I wanted this post to be as real as possible. I don't remember where it's from but it's a straw wrapper if you were curious lol!

I also wanted to share another bag with you all. I purchased this crossbody for a more “Night Look.” This is the Faux Leather Chevron Crossbody Bag from Forever 21. It’s perfect for the bare essentials for a night out. I love the look of the chevron paired with the gold chain, plus this extra fringe detail adds such a fun factor to it.


The Night Bag

What is a must-have item in your bag? Comment down below!

Until next week dolls! xx, Des