My Fav Insta Follows


Happy Friday ladies! With insta being my favorite social media platform, I wanted to share my favorite accounts with you based on a few categories: fashion, travel, beauty, dreamy, and LOL. Let’s get right into it!




Itsmsmonica is my go-to insta account for fashion and style. Her style is diverse and covers everything from feminine, flowy dresses to laid back “mommy style” in leggings and some Vans. While some people may get tired of the “mirror selfie,” her outfits are always different so the way the photo is taken really doesn’t phase me. Her posts and stories also expose me to boutiques that I’ve never heard of with the cutest pieces like Shopdressygirl  and Glamenvy. You can definitely find clothing inspo with this fashionable account!




I’ve been a follower of the backpackerstory for more than a year now. I am so glad I came across their insta. They share the most breathtaking, exotic places all over the world! While I’m sure there are thousands of travel accounts on IG, I like this particular one the best because it lists the location of the photo. Who hates when they see a photo of a beautiful place that you would love to add to your bucket list but have no idea where it is: what continent, what hotel, or what beach? This account has you covered! 




I bet you were expecting a beauty guru’s account, if so, sorry to disappoint you ladies! I chose ultabeauty as my fav beauty insta to follow because they give the scoop on all the latest products, sales, and how-to tips and tricks. They also have segments on their stories using real customers who recommend products they love, #relatable!




This category could have gone multiple ways, but I chose jonboytattoo because I absolutely love his work! A tattoo is on my bucket list and I have my eye on something dainty and cute, maybe a phrase. Jonboytattoo does great work with cursive fonts that I've completely admired. One day…when I finally decide on what I want, I’d like him to do it. Here’s wishing!! LOL.




Being a millennial, I find memes to be SO entertaining. I am constantly forwarding the memes from insta.single to my friends. Some literally make me L O L. I recommend checking out their page for a good laugh!

What are some of your fav insta accounts to follow? Leave them in the comments below!

xx, Des