It’s been pretty hot the past few days which I’ve been loving because it reminds me of home. With the 90-degree weather my go-to has been light weight fabrics that can keep me cool. I love this blouse I purchased from Chic Lina! It’s an off the shoulder, light weight top with lace bell sleeves. It’s comfortable and makes me feel extremely feminine. Today, I’ve paired it with red lace up shorts from Forever21 for a comfortable girly look.


Chic Lina is an online website with trendy, affordable pieces. I love the site because they have various styles from instagrammable bikinis to intricate-detailed rompers perfect for a fancy night out. The website has an online chat available to assist with any questions you may have, definitely staying up to date with technology. I am proud to be working with Chic Lina because of what they stand for: #myselflovechoice.

Chic Lina is all about falling in love with yourself despite what magazine covers and the internet has portrayed as “beautiful” over the years.

We shouldn’t strive to look like someone on the front of a fashion magazine or an IG baddie. Be you, do you. Wear what you want and what makes you comfortable. We shouldn’t try to act or be someone who we’re not. I truly believe being authentic will get you farther than trying to portray someone else. If you feel the same way, feel free to use #myselflovechoice on your thoughts, pictures, or blog posts. I’d love to hear your stories of how you’re doing you and loving who you are.

If you want to cop a few pieces from Chic Lina and be a #chiclinababe with me, feel free to use my code in the picture below! Who loves a good discount code?!


Love yourself ladies! Until next time!

xx, Des