A Denim Jacket In Seattle


My boyfriend and I decided to spend the afternoon in Seattle. With this city being so big with so much to explore we agreed on roaming the waterfront and seeing the famous Gum Wall. We live in Silverdale so it takes about a 25-minute drive + a 20-minute ferry ride to reach Seattle.

After googling a few sights we could see, my next decision was what I was going to wear, obviously!

 I recently went ham and spent quite a few dollars on a Forever21 binge. I decided on black and white striped shorts that tie around my waist with a black body suit and my FAVORITE shoes at the moment, MY BLACK BOOTIES. My accessories included my usual H&M purple crossbody bag and large hoop earrings, I’m such a sucker for a good hoop earring. I also threw on a denim jacket to complete the look! This jacket has grown to be a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve spent a good while on the hunt for a jacket that was a bit oversized and a medium wash. While these things can easily be found in every shop up and down the block, I couldn’t get myself to pay upwards of $30.00 for it. Call me cheap, but I like to say rolling on a budget!


Luckily! I was able to find this fine piece at Ross for $25.00. Can you say score?!

Feeling rather pleased with my outfit we set out on our journey to the city that is home to the Space Needle. It was a nice sunny day as we roamed the shops along the waterfront and came up to the Seattle Great Wheel. The line seemed to be flowing smoothly and we bit the bullet and got us tickets.


The views of the city and water were amazing. We definitely lucked out on it being a clear day, YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING. While my photos may not be the best, I tried to get what I could while still being in the moment.


I spy with my little eye....

can you see it?


Our last stop was the Gum Wall under the Pike Place Market. The wall is in an alley way called Post Alley. I was expecting a single wall but there was gum all up and down the alley way. We went on Memorial Day weekend so there were quite a few tourists out. You can feel the excitement of everyone chewing and sticking their gum on the wall before taking a photo. We glanced around but made our way through the crowd and happened to snag this photo at the end. While I am glad we got to see it first hand, it was a bit gross after you really think about what you’re standing next to.


The Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum are next on my Seattle To-Do list. There is so much to see and I’m looking forward to it!

Comment down below what will you be seeing this summer?

xx, Des