Dancing Brush


With moving comes adventure, especially for an island girl like me. I’ve lived on an island, 210 square miles long, since I was four years old. An island where Kmart is the biggest department store and Forever21 made its debut in 2015, you can only imagine the excitement amongst the female population!

Since I’ve moved to Washington state, I’ve explored the little strip of Poulsbo that is home to restaurants, shops of all kinds, and a quaint waterpark front. I find this area to be the cutest place I’ve seen and plan on doing a whole blog post on it soon!

This post, however, will be dedicated to my experience at Dancing Brush. Dancing Brush is an establishment that allows you to pick ceramic items to paint to your hearts content! It costs $10.00/person along with the purchase of the item you will be painting. They have quite the selection of ceramic items: variety of mugs, cups, bowls, tea light candle holders, a selection of animals, jewelry holders, coasters, tea pots, tea cups, cars, AND THE LIST GOES ON! There will be something of interest for every type of person.

Depending if you go with your other half, friend, family member, or co-workers, it gives you the opportunity to communicate and bond in a new environment all while getting your creative juices going! While I did go with my boyfriend, I can definitely see this as a calming activity to do alone, can you say wooosahhh, anyone?  I also recommend this as an excellent date idea. It gives you the opportunity to see how creative and artsy your date is, whether that’s a deal breaker for you or not!

We went during a weekday in the afternoon so it was slow, which I enjoyed because for one, I hate crowded places and two, it allowed me to get into my creative element without the hustle and bustle of other bodies. The establishment had finished ceramics on display which definitely gave off motivation and inspiration for my own “work of art.” The staff was helpful and super friendly. Dancing Brush also offered stencils, paint pens, stamps, a variety of things you could use to accentuate your chosen item. I decided to go with a mason jar cup, how basic of me huh?  I made it two toned and last minute, decided to put my name on the front. Oh, how I regret that decision.

I completely recommend checking out Dancing Brush if you're in the area and interested in getting a little creative!


xx, Des