My Winter Playlist

Hello! If you’re here to read me rave about Ariana Grande’s version of Santa Tell Me or Michael Buble’s It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, well… you’re in for some disappointing stuff. Lol!

Let me start with: this isn’t your usual Christmas/winter playlist. If I can be completely honest…I’m not a huge fan of Christmas music (shocking?). I like Christmas, I like the Christmas spirit, I adore the Christmas sweaters, ugly ones included, I love seeing the lights and decor fill the streets and homes…but the Christmas music? No…. not for me.

Now, if I’ve lost you feel free to click out of this window (OR CHECK OUT ANY OF MY OTHER BLOG POSTS 😉); but if you’re intrigued…READ ON MY FRIEND, READ ON.

Today I’ll be sharing a few songs from my Behind the Doors playlist on Spotify:



THE song that inspired this playlist. I came across Tink’s song M.I.a last month (you’ll find it on this playlist too!) and I soon found myself going through her page on Spotify and digging pretty much every song she had.

“I will never judge you for things you do behind these doors. So if you want to roll one tonight, that’s okay with me”


Any Aaliyah fans out there? Listen to this…fully recommend!

“Your love is like a back rub when I back up can you catch what I throw down”


I tried not to make this entire playlist only songs by Tink… I tried!


PLAYLIST X BODYSUITS - want another read?

NEVER CALL ME (REMIX) | Jhene Aiko feat. YG

I have always been a fan of Jhene Aiko, I love her vibe. Her sound throws me back to the 90s and gets you vibing on a completely different level. 

“You should have called me, why you never call me”

SAUCE | Ella Mai

“I’m good without you, but I’m fucking with you regardless”


Trey Songz… need I say more? 😉

“Fu—what they heard tell them mind they business. You’re a real one that’s just my perception.”


Yes, I was drinking wine with a straw…

PLEASE | William Singe

An old coworker introduced me to William Singe. His covers really wind the song down to where you’re just grooving. I haven’t heard a cover by him where I wasn’t impressed.

“I get uncomfortable when things get comfortable”

AFTER DARK | Drake, Static Major, Ty Dolla $ign

Any of my friends will tell you I’m a Drake fan (wasn’t completely impressed by his concert tho….) so it wouldn’t be right to do a playlist without at least one song by him.

Feel free to check out my Spotify! You can check out the complete Behind the Doors playlist or browse the other playlists I’ve created. If you’re a lover of Hip Hop + R&B, I think you’ll be a fan 😊. To be honest, I don’t know what I would do without this app, thank you Daniel Ek.

I hope a few songs caught your interest! Thanks for reading and hope everyone is having a great December so far! I just realized Spotify put out “Your Top Songs of 2018,” I think I’ll go have a listen now and reminisce about all the good times of 2018. 😊

xx, Des