Rainy OOTD


And here we are, the first day of December. 30 more days and 2018 will come to an end. It’s so hard to believe.

The weather has made its turn, and the dark clouds and rain currently hang over Washington. Bath and body works champagne toast (a new favorite scent of mine btw along with winter candy apple!) and the lights from my white Christmas tree currently fill my living room.

Yes, I do have my tree up and decorated, I am that girl lol!

I’m digging the warm vibes seeing as it is gloomy and 45 degrees outside. With it pouring lately I thought it only right that I share with you one of my go to outfits for these rainy days.


I’ve become such a huge fan of knit sweaters. The knit will keep you warm but still have you stylish 😉. I like how it has two patterns to it, it gives it a more textured look. I scored this stylish piece at Kohls.

I’ve paired it with these dark denim jeans. I love the look of the white and the dark denim. They make an outfit look so put together even though it’s just a simple pair of jeans. I got these at TJMaxx. They are soft and stretchy, I absolutely love!


These black booties from Forever21 is my go-to shoe for a look like this. It’s a patent finish with velvet laces.  I just love how skinny jeans look tucked into the bootie. However… I will say these aren’t the most comfortable shoes after you’ve spent an hour walking around the mall in them. But hey, sacrifice for style right?!


While the knit and denim will keep a layer of you warm, adding a jacket and beanie will definitely keep you toasty. I purchased this jacket months ago from the men’s section at Forever21 (best idea ever.) I am a huge fan of shopping in the men’s section at stores, check out my blog post to see how I styled a few men’s pieces. I’ve gotten a LOAD of comments on this jacket! It’s a dark purple bomber that I try to partner with everything because it really does keep me warm and looks great on!


My last addition is this purple beanie. We were buying some necessities at Walmart and it immediately caught my eye because it reminded me of my jacket! There was no question, I had to purchase it. It has a furry ball at the top that I feel is a great contrast with the purple knitting.

What do you wear when the weather calls for showers in your area? I’d love to know in the comments below!

xx, Des