I Tried New Face Masks + Here's What Happened


Okay, so who else is a huge fan of pampering? Well who isn’t? While I would splurge and get a massage every month in my past, relocating has definitely got me weary about the massage places around my area. In the meantime, while I get acclimated with Washington, I have turned to face masks to get me in that relaxation space. Not to mention, face masks are perfect when I’m going through it with my *monthly friend* or going ham on some unhealthy beverages/goodies; my skin begs for some TLC and restoration. Don’t worry skin, I got you.

My go to masks has always been Tony Moly and Missha. I thought I would give some new (at least new to me) masks a shot and figured I’d share my thoughts with you!



BEFORE | DURING: It’s the beginning of the week and I just had McDonalds. I can just feel my skin breaking out. I decided to slap on the charcoal paper mask after dinner. This particular mask is meant to detoxify and clean your pores. This was the first time I’ve tried a black sheet mask. Now when they ask “Tingling?” on the back of the package…THEY MEAN TINGLING. The mask definitely had my face feeling some type of way, I would almost say, “very very minor burning sensation.” After about 8 minutes on (the instructions are to leave it on for 10 minutes), the tingling subsided, and I began to feel the cooling effect that usual sheet masks give off.

AFTER: I don’t think I saw a difference in my skin, but I definitely woke up to a soft face in the morning.

WOULD I REPURCHASE: I don’t think I would. I’m sure there are other charcoal face masks that won’t have my face tingling as much while I’m trying to relax and enjoy some pampering.



**I made my boyfriend try the Masque ology jeju volcanic ash facial mask. It was similar to the Yes to tomatoes charcoal paper mask that I tried: both were black sheet masks and the Masque Ology gave off a similar “tingling” sensation.

I like to do masks twice a week for some rejuvenation and replenishment. For my second mask, I chose to use the Freeman cucumber + pink salt clay mask. I have tried Freeman masks before, but never this particular one.



BEFORE | DURING:  It’s Friday and after a full work week I was excited to chill on the couch with a mask. I wanted some rejuvenation, so I decided on the clay mask. This mask is meant to instantly detox and clear your pores for renewed skin. First off, there was a lot more product than I needed. I definitely wish I applied the mask with a brush only because my clumsy self was getting it everywhere: my hair, my lip, you name it! That’s not to say that you NEED a brush to apply the product, that’s just my personal preference because I’m incapable. LOL. After I was able to get an even coat on my face and relax, the mask gave off a very cooling sensation. According to the packaging, it was a 10-minute mask. I kind of feel like 10 minutes is a bit quick and I usually like leaving masks on for 15 to 20 minutes, just a personal preference.

AFTER: The clay mask left my skin feeling tight.

After using this mask, it gave me a clear reminder of why I love sheet masks. They’re so easy and the clean up is far better than clay masks where I have to wash it off. Sometimes it can leave some residue around the sink. With sheet masks you just pull it off of your face and dispose of it.

WOULD I REPURCHASE: Based solely on the cleanup, I would not purchase clay masks again. Am I the only one who likes a quick clean up?!



BEFORE | DURING:  I had an eventful Saturday filled with a movie and grocery shopping. It’s fair to say my boyfriend is obsessed with Dragon Ball Z, so when he found out the local movie theater was doing a double feature … let’s just say he was not going to miss it. And of course I would not pass up the opportunity for an Icee so I tagged along. We decided to do some grocery shopping after watching Bardok - The Father of Goku and Fusion Reborn. An eventful 5-hours later I was completely pooped and excited to try another mask. I’ve been looking forward to trying the Freeman watermelon + aloe gel mask. This mask instantly nourishes and calms for refreshed skin. After washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen from dinner I decided to put up my hair and rip open the mask. I was surprised to see the product had a lavender color to it; it was actually really pretty.

AFTER: This was another 10-minute mask. I washed my face (with this mask I didn’t feel like the clean up was as messy as the clay, but I did notice that I needed to do a little extra rubbing to make sure I got the gel off of my face.) I will say my face felt really soft afterwards.

WOULD I REPURCHASE: To my surprise, I may actually repurchase this little guy. I did enjoy how it left my skin feeling nice and soft.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my experiences trying out new face masks. I definitely recommend trying them out, everyone has different preferences and experiences.

Have you tried any of these masks? What was your experience with them? Leave your go-to face mask in the comments below, I’d love to know what everyone is using. Until next time dolls!

xx, Des